OSI/Geoform (04/11/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Låkeberget
Distance: 5.17 km
Time: 49:54
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 178
OK orienteering to the first 4 controls, but then I failed to spot the flag even though I passed very close to #4. Lost a minute+ here. :-(

I had a very close to optimal route to #5, quite runnable even though I started at the exact beginning (11:00) of the allowed starting time so I had to trample through unmarked wet snow except on some of the major paths that were well trodden by hikers.

After this control the course totally changed character, becoming mostly downhill and a lot more runnable. My only significant errors here were on #11 and #13 where I left the controls in the wrong directions: In both cases I should have aimed much more directly towards the next control.
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OSI/Geoform (04/11/2023) OSI/Geoform (04/11/2023)