Veteranmesterskapet Mellom (03/09/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Flannumsmarka
Distance: 4.04 km
Time: 34:36
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 180
Norwegian Veteran's championship - Middle distance
Even though my running form has been rubbish all this season, I'm still very happy with my orienteering here: Very close to perfect. I was most surprised by my time loss to #7: The ski track route seemed quite obvious, but at least for those who started later, going direct through the forest was significantly faster. I might have lost about 30 seconds here.
Also, on the longest leg to #11 I executed the direct route almost perfectly but I still lost some time to a few of those to ran around the hill on the north side, an option I disregarded because the control description covered the map almost down to best route, i.e. I didn't want to run along the map edge!
On #15 the control unit was getting old: The lady standing there when I arrived complained that she did not get a confirming LED flash, so when my EMIT tag behaved the same way I just ran on and told her to disregard the issue: However, when I finished it turned out I had no punch from this control! My paper backup card did show that I had been there so I didn't have to provide my headcam video to prove it!
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Veteranmesterskapet Mellom (03/09/2023) Veteranmesterskapet Mellom (03/09/2023)