Kjøkøy middle distance (10/08/2023)
Category: Training
Distance: 4.17 km
Time: 38:40
Several mispunches when I tried to run this old course at race speed, but without any markers in the forest. I found the wrong reentrant at #1, then I did a much more serious parallel mistake on #9 when I dropped down at the wrong end of the long cliff and though that the wet area was the march.
Since I started the next leg (direct to #13) from the wrong spot, I ended up on the wrong boulder, something I realized when I had to follow the path a long way south to #14.
The indistinct marsh on #15 was very indistinct indeed, so I never bothered trying to guess exactly where the flag had been placed.
My final mispunch was on the last control when I decided to try to go straight instead of the easier and probably faster route along the paths.
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Kjøkøy middle distance (10/08/2023) Kjøkøy middle distance (10/08/2023)