Vest-Telemark 2 dagers (11/06/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Høydalsmo
Distance: 3.85 km
Time: 34:08
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 171
Finally another good race!
I lost about 20 seconds to the first control when I aimed off a tiny bit in order to locate the path segment, but it was invisible to me.

The next time loss was during the final part of the long leg to #5 where I crossed the small creek and followed it until I saw that it was bending away: At this point I thought I was by the 90-degree bend which was my designated attack point and aimed up a little bit for the control. I realized that the terrain did not fit this scenario and that I must be somewhere in the medium green, but that I had to continue and try to recover. Total time loss was probably 20-30 sec.

All other routes and controls were pretty much perfect, I won almost all the individual split times and won my class by 6.5 minutes.
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Vest-Telemark 2 dagers (11/06/2023) Vest-Telemark 2 dagers (11/06/2023)