Vest-Telemark 2-dagers (10/06/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rauland
Distance: 4.18 km
Time: 36:58
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 173
This race was never pretty, I started by not spotting the first control and dropped 15-20 sec, then I ran well down to #2 and grabbed the lead in my class even though I had a small wobble into the control.

Quick & easy to #3 and 4 where I had my first split win, at this point I had grabbed a 15 sec lead over Frode Robertsen, the eventual winner.

My route to #5 was near optimal, but a very upset stomach caused a one-minute time loss.

Good flow to #6, then I lost 20 sec on #7 which unfortunately was misplaced.

The indistinct path to #8 was slightly mismapped, but I should still have been able to hit #8 straight on.

OK to #9

My route to #10 was very bad, simply going straight would have been far better. This was my worst split time, with a 1:26 time loss to Frode.

I ran OK to 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, at this point I was just 17 seconds behind.

Running to #16 I did a parallel mistake, thinking I was moving towards 17 . I recovered down by the big building, but I lost 55 sec here.
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Vest-Telemark 2-dagers (10/06/2023) Vest-Telemark 2-dagers (10/06/2023)