Morgenfrisk i Follo (07/06/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Åsland
Distance: 5.24 km
Time: 49:24
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 171
Full video tracking: here

A few good legs, but also some really bad mistakes, particularly to #11 where I thought I was orienteering from 11 to 12 instead!

I just crossed the main path believing it was the indistinct one west of 11, then almost passed #7again before I realized that something was really wrong. At this point I decided that I must have passed the indistinct path without seeing it and that I needed to get back up to the main path and follow it to the bend where I should go towards control 12. When I hit the multiway path junction I still thought I was orienteering towards 12, so I ran back and passed the top of the hill once more before I finally realized what I had done wrong.

Besides the ~4 min lost here, I also dropped half a minute on #3 when I failed to see the flag from above the cliff on my first attempt, then I lost about the same or a bit more on #9 where the vegetation boundary in reality was an unmapped 1m cliff, with the flag stuck at the foot of it. I hesitated a _lot_ in several places towards #10 but kept going until I finally found it.

I had good direction to #13 but when I didn't see any boulder fields up to the right, I broke a bit left and checked the boulder at the end of the cliff , almost underneath the control circle. 20-30 s?
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Morgenfrisk i Follo (07/06/2023) Morgenfrisk i Follo (07/06/2023)