Kjentmannsposter 4 og 7 (30/05/2023)
Category: Training
Map/area: Vestmarksetra
Distance: 26.3 km
Time: 230:38
Average HR: 107
Maximum HR: 155
We started with an 8 km bike ride, almost all uphill (40 min) to where the road ended, then a very steep hike to the old bear den (KP 4) before we hiked up to the nearest hilltop with a magnificent view of the Oslo/Bærum/Asker/Nesodden area.
Half an hour got us back up the hill to a sunny spot we had notedon the way down, there we had our meal break.
Back on the bikes towards KP 7 where the hiking part was significantly shorter and less steep, before the mostly downhill ride back to the car park.

Total: 26+ km, of which 4+ was on foot and 22 km on bike.
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Kjentmannsposter 4 og 7 (30/05/2023) Kjentmannsposter 4 og 7 (30/05/2023)