Smaaleneneløpet (30/04/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: KNA Varna - Torebråte
Organiser: Indre Østfold
Distance: 5.13 km
Time: 43:01
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 183
My best race (so far) this year. :-)
I ran as fast as I could and made almost no mistakes:
#1 was way down the hillside, but I told myself that I was in the right area so I just kept going until I hit it.

Over the hill to #2 I believe my route which used the old/overgrown path for the middel part must have been optimal, except for the way I hit the path bend I aimed for about 20m to the left. 10+ seconds time loss?

Very good to #3, then I decided to take the road to #4, but the light green was so dense that it would probably have been faster to just run diagonally downhill, aiming for the open yellow past the green. I strongly considered taking the path up the hill, then attack the control from above, between the cliffs, but I decided that with my current running shape it was better to avoid nearly all the climb and instead aim from the corner of the open yellow: From there I could see a control flag on the boulder which is nearly on the black meridian line so I knew exactly where I had to be, then I spotted the boulders just before the control and hit it perfectly.

Up to #5 I was tired but aimed through the saddle over the hill and hit the flag very nicely.

Even more tired going over the hill to #6, so when I hit the path halfway I followed that as long as it went, almost to the end of the cliffs, and took a bearing from there. I verified my course when I passed the power line and spotted the cairn to my right, then ended by jumping directly down the cliff to the flag.

On the competition maps, the entire housing area between 8 & 9 was olive green, i.e. you had to run around. I first considered going left but decided that it was even more safe to go right. I don't think this made any difference in running time.

Crossing the green from the path into #10 was very wet and muddy, so I tried to find a better & more direct route back to the path, but this turned out to cost me 10-15 s since the middle green was closer to dark green/"fight".
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Smaaleneneløpet (30/04/2023) Smaaleneneløpet (30/04/2023)