Nattsvermeren (24/03/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tomb
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 5.3 km
Time: 57:23
Average HR: 108
Maximum HR: 151
I am mostly happy with my orienteering here, with one very glaring exception, a 15-min miss on #4:

Mass start Night-O event, I had been in bed several days with a stomach bug this week so my intention was to simply jog around the course, but that plan didn't survive first contant with the enemy, i.e. all the other people starting at the same time. :-)

OK to #1 & #2, mostly OK to #3 except for dropping maybe 15 seconds in the path junction in the saddle: My compass was consistently off by 90 degree for at least 5-10 of those seconds, so I turned around and tried to check if I should be picking one of the perpendicular paths! I also failed to spot the flag/marker itself, lost another 5-10 seconds.

To #4 my plan was good: Go straight to the path, follow that to the junction, then a compass bearing over the top of the hill and down towards the largest cliff shown on the map, before diving into the green stuff. Starting off, I obviously managed to set my (plate) compass course wrong, off by 10-15 degrees. While passing the top of the hill the rain/fog hid (at least from me) the fact that we were not at the actual top, and when we dropped into the green, I found several smaller unmapped cliffs, each time thinking it had to be one of the other ones nearby. When I hit the open area which I later followed to #5, it had obvious tracks from logging so I assumed it had to be the big track shown and tried to take bearing from the bend.
I then gave up on this, ran east over several strems & ditches and finally found the real track, but even after going back to the actual bend and taking the same bearing, I could not find it.
Eventually, Karl Asmund Erøy who had been with me most of the race spotted it from a spot we had visited previously, just behind us, inside dense green foliage in a more or less flat area. Total time loss was around 15 minutes!

From this point I did a full reset and attacked the rest of the course, with good routes and very good execution. At the very end I just waved Karl ahead since my running energy level was extremely close to zero.
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Nattsvermeren (24/03/2023) Nattsvermeren (24/03/2023)