NM Sprint Arendal 2011 D21 Rerun (04/03/2023)
Category: Training
Distance: 3.41 km
Time: 25:45
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 183
Youtube video https://youtu.be/6ZOEfJ7GD_g

The terrain had changed a bit over the previous 11.5 years, the first surprise was when the path/staris down past #3 has been abandoned and the entrance from above was almost invisible. I realized my mistake when the stairs was leading down in the wrong direction.

Between #7 and #8 the floating bridge had been removed so I had to run around "Pollen", the innermost harbor area. Down to #10 I read the map very carefully, verifying that I could skip part of the road around but by now this entire area has been split into multiple levels with no external paths between them! I suspect this is a kindergarten where the separate age groups are segregated vertically when outdoors. Instead of going back up I climbed over and down, then I almost got stuck in new construction and/or refurbishment around the control.

I think my route to #12 was OK, but I lost a few seconds when I missed the narrow passage west of the church where I had run in the opposite direction from 8 to 9.

#14 was my worst miss, ran into the wrong alley and decided to turn around.

Due to the missing bridge I skipped the last control (#16) since I had already run around the harbor once before.
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NM Sprint Arendal 2011 D21 Rerun (04/03/2023) NM Sprint Arendal 2011 D21 Rerun (04/03/2023)