Ribbe&Loff (10/12/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hasle
Organiser: Helge Gisholt
Distance: 5.43 km
Time: 35:09
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 189

I won H60 last year in this race but after spending most of the year either injured or trying to recover I ended up 5+ minutes behind, but not only my running speed was deficient:

I took the flat route to #1 since going left would mean dropping down 7 contours. OK to #2 but then I should have gone back around the nearest building, then up along the paved area , cross in the middle gap and then directly to the control. My friend Stig Hultren Karlsen who I'm usually quite a bit faster then beat me by 11 sec here, so maybe 15-20 sec lost?

No real route choice to #4 but to #5 I should have continued around the building instead of turning back. Another 5+ sec.

Optimal route to #6 but I lost a few seconds checking if the church was open so I could borrow their toilet: My stomach was acting up, but since it was closed I just had to run a bit more relaxed the rest of the race.

#7 was easy transfer to setup the next leg, to #8 where I fell directly into the route planner's trap by not reading the description so I didn't realize the flag was on the inside of the wall & fence. 15+ sec.

#9 to #12 were easy short legs, here I had my best period and my only split win (to #11)

Optimal route to #13 where I spotted #14 as well, but when I left #14 I should have gone back toward #12 since that route was about 50m shorter and 20 sec faster as well.

Another mistake to #16 where it was about 10 sec faster to go left even though you had to cross the bridge and go down the stairs at the end.

OK to #17, 18 19 & 20.

Another bad route to #21 where going right was 40+ m shorter and 15 sec faster.

Ditto to #22, my route was longer and slower even though the difference was less. 10 sec?

I considered running through the finish area to the last control but decided that left had to be better.

Total time loss about 1.5 minutes which is a lot even on a very long sprint race.
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Ribbe&Loff (10/12/2022) Ribbe&Loff (10/12/2022)