Veritas Natt-O (23/11/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kollhytta/Sognsvann Øst
Distance: 4.15 km
Time: 40:45
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 180
Night-O in fresh snow with tracks absolutely everywhere!

OK to #1 & 2, dropped too low to #3 and lost 50-60 s, then I hesitated a bit to #4.

Ran well to #5 and 6, then I intentionally ran straight to #7 to test my compass running in dense forest. I only lost about 20 s to those who ran around on the big paths.

I ran well to #8-11, passed my sister Marianne up the hill to #9 but then I didn't manage to run away from her until the very end, she beat me on multiple slit times.

#17 was my worst split in the second half of the race, I lost 40 sec because I misread the map, believing the fence was going in my direction.

The rest was OK, I ended up in second place 48 s behind my good friend Torstein Hole: This difference was less than what I lost to him on the miss to #3 so we had more or less the same speed tonight.
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Veritas Natt-O (23/11/2022) Veritas Natt-O (23/11/2022)