Kjentmannspost 31 (06/09/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Glåmene
Distance: 10.58 km
Time: 206:48
Average HR: 100
Maximum HR: 179
Another group hike, this time to fixed control KP31. We went more or less as I had planned, going straight up the hillside, passing Finnerud and taking the ski trail up until we were close to the control and I tried a direct route.
After a nice break in the last sunshine of the day, we returned by going furhter east towards Kobberhaughytta, then cut downhill and took the main paths back down.

Total 10.5 km, 376m ascent, about 3 hours 20 min. We got back to the car park just as it was starting to get dark, so perfect timing by the organizers. :-)
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Kjentmannspost 31 (06/09/2022) Kjentmannspost 31 (06/09/2022)