Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H65 (04/09/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bysetra
Distance: 4.24 km
Time: 40:13
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 178

We ran on 1:5000 so I knew that we would progress very fast on the map, but I misjudged the effect and stopped a few meters before the first control, trying to read the map but failed to recover. Lost 2:20 here!

I never felt solid towards #2, I had lost my confidence on that initial blunder but did locate the control after a bit of hesitation.

From this point on I ran near-perfect routes and hit every control, running about the same speed as Sigurd Dæhli who got 2nd place by making zero mistakes. Trond Rønneberg who won by more than 2min was significantly faster than all the rest of us on most of the splits, well done!
Downhill from #10 I stepped into a hidden gap between two parts of a boulder or slab, my foot got stuck and I nearly broke my shin bone. Fortunately I did manage to pull my foot up before the leg broke, but the pain reduced my running speed quite a bit to the two last controls. Since Morten Due in 3rd place was 1:31 in front of me this delay did not cost me any positions.
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Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H65 (04/09/2022) Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H65 (04/09/2022)