KM Østfold (27/08/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Moss
Distance: 4.17 km
Time: 36:20
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 164

I ran this race in a for me virgin forest instead of the Oslo area champs near Tryvann.

OK to #1, full control hitting the north end of the cliff line and saw the boulder 30m away. The opposite happened to #2 where I ran perfectly until after spotting the boulder to the south of the control, and less than 20m away: At this point I could not see any knoll which could have a cliff behind it so I thought I was too far south and started searching. Lost a minute here.

Trying to recover lead to passing the path junction towards #3, another minute lost.

OK to 4, 5, 6 & 7.

To #8 I assumed the light green to be normal (for Norway) i.e. very runnable, but it was far from so: I fought my way too far south and lost 1.5 minutes!

Very good to #9, possibly my best leg. I deviated a smidgen from the straight line to pass the top of the hill and hit the long marsh in the bend.

Very easy to #10 & 11, then I mistakenly dropped into the ravine underneath the cliff to #12 (20 sec?).

I hesitated a couple of spots towards #13 but hit it nicely.

As I climbed up the hillside between the cliffs towards #14 I spotted the guy who had started 2 min in front of me, so I ran as fast as I could and had full control when he hesitated into the control. He ran out the nose to the last control while I dropped down to the path which was significantly faster.

In the end I got the 4th place, 3:42 behind Sture Ottesen, so his time was in reach with a perfect race. That said he ran significantly faster than me for the entire course, fast enough to afford a 1:30 time loss on #5 and still win.
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KM Østfold (27/08/2022) KM Østfold (27/08/2022)