Morgenfrisk i Follo (08/08/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nordby
Distance: 4.82 km
Time: 49:42
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 171
The fall series races haven't started yet, so I ran this open event in the same area as the horrible Kvistkvaset relay in the spring. Now, with all the leaves fully open visibility was even worse but the course setting was better, making it possible to avoid most of darker green (which can be effectively impassable).

I lost 1.5 min on #9 when I stopped too early.Iin hindsight it would have been better to follow the ditch in the light green until the bend before going up past the index contour.

I'm most happy with the routes and execution to the first 7 controls, then #10 was very nice.

Up to #12 the first indistinct path junction was invisible to me, then the yellow was very overgrown but I hit the flag perfectly. Taking the paths around to #13 & #14 was almost certainly correct.

In the run to the finish those indisitinct paths were almost invisible and I had passed through this area on that spring relay so I knew it was reasonably OK to go straight.
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Morgenfrisk i Follo (08/08/2022) Morgenfrisk i Follo (08/08/2022)