HL-trening (03/08/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kråkerøy Kirke
Organiser: FSK/ Gaute Steiwer
Distance: 4.92 km
Time: 49:03
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 163
Extremely tough training for my weak legs: This terrain has very high blueberry/heather cover over a broken/rocky base layer. Since I cannot run properly without seeing what I'm stepping on, this took a long time even though I ran it in nice weather two days after the original event.

I messed up into #3 where I went too far and searched in the wrong ravine first. Lost 45+ seconds here? On #4 the "passable cliff" was so high that I used maybe 15 seconds finding a safe way down, and then I ran a bit too much around to #5.
My bad period continued after crossing the road when I spotted an unmapped path along the field: When I thought the long cliff was the main path I then cut down to this other path and had to climb back up across the stream. This was probably another 45 s.

I had to search a few seconds for the proper boulder on #7, then between 9 & 10 I had folded my map so many times that the impassable cliff was hidden: When I hit it I had to turn back and go down along the path.

I punted to #11 and simply ran around all the way on the main path, this turned out to be my best split!

Excellent direction running to #12 and the finish! :-)

Gaute did hsi usual nice job supplying an interesting course, thank you!
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HL-trening (03/08/2022) HL-trening (03/08/2022)