O-intervaller Torp (13/07/2022)
Category: Training
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 4.48 km
Time: 39:29
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 161
Second Fredrikstad Summer Training course, ran together with my son, using a single map.

I considered going straight to #1 but both the green stripes and the hillside looked bad so we took the road/path around. Hesitated about 5 seconds on the control before I spotted the small marker.

Really disappointed with #2, I thought had an accurate bearing but ended up well above the control.

Good flow to #3, 4 & 5.

I found a faint path out of 5 leading back to the mapped path junction but this was a mistake, the livelox tracks show that it was faster to go straight here.

Good routes and execution to #6 & 7, then we ate some blueberries before starting on the second half.

This second interval went very well, both the easy orienteering controls and the long leg to #15 where I think I found the optimal route.

Thanks again to FSK and Gaute Steiwer!
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O-intervaller Torp (13/07/2022) O-intervaller Torp (13/07/2022)