FSK Summer Training Gillingsrød (04/07/2022)
Category: Training
Distance: 4.46 km
Time: 47:23
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 162
This map & terrain was the test area for WOC 2019 Long, the orienteering is _really_ nice!

Direction to #1, I saw the bare rock to my left as I passed the top.

Found the best route to #2: By starting a little bit left I avoided climb, green and wet marshland and did most of the climb on nearly bare rock: I then ran a good compass direction over the very flat top area where the marsh boundaries are very indistinct but I did notice the form line after the second marsh so I knew I was going in the right direction and didn't have very far to go. I unfortunately failed to spot the white IOF streamer, passing right by it and lost a couple of minutes.

I intentionally aimed a bit to the right to #3, hesitated a few seconds to verify that the marker wasn't where I hit the hillside, then I still had to stop for a few seconds at the control before I spotted the streamer.

Perfect to #4, then the same to #5 except that here I once again failed to see the marker.

I ran exactly as intended to #6, #9 & #10. (I took the suggested shortcut for older runners)

On #11 I hit the reentrant about 15m early, then I did the same to #12 since that was the safest approach.

#13 was my only real miss: I had good direction and saw what I believed had to be the indistinct marsh west of the control but the form line knoll itself was very low and I could not see any marker, so I checked the more substantial knoll to my right first. Probably about 30-45 sec?

Good flow to #14, 15 and the finish.

The good news is that I'm capable of very good direction running in terrain like this, even when I'm making micro adjustments all the time to avoid low vegetation which was so dense that it could have been mapped with green stripes.

To anyone in the area I strongly recommend running this course, Thank You Gaute Steiwer!
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FSK Summer Training Gillingsrød (04/07/2022) FSK Summer Training Gillingsrød (04/07/2022)