WOC Tour 4 H65 (28/06/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fredericia
Distance: 2.81 km
Time: 17:05
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 174
Much better than yesterday:
Some hesitation to #1 when I had turned the map 90 degrees wrong but recovered before I ran the wrong way.

Hesitated on top of the stairs at #5 when the control was at the bottom.

I considered going right to #8 and #10, then I almost hit the barrier before #11. 5-10 sec?

When running towards #13 I noticed an opening/mud slide downhill which probably hit the path on the correct (west) side of the olive green, that might have been 10+ seconds faster, but the fastest but risky route was probably to go right first and then through the dark, medium and light green almost directly to the control!

Today I was #6, but just 33 sec behind second place, and in front of Rolf Lund. I suspect he got injured on the second day where he lost 8+ minutes in the last part and then he didn't run yesterday.
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WOC Tour 4 H65 (28/06/2022) WOC Tour 4 H65 (28/06/2022)