WOC Tour 3 H65 (27/06/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kolding
Distance: 2.68 km
Time: 18:26
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 159
A controlled race from start to finish, I never tried to push hard due to some stomach pain, but the splits show that I had no serious mistakes. I did have to slow down to be able to read the map since the heavy rain meant that I had to run with a single contact lens, and I had forgotten to bring my current prescription so the old lens I had available made it too hard to read the finest details.

OK to #1, then to #2 I could not see that the shortest left-hand route had an opening via a canopy with stairs: It looked like a barrier to me so I ran around to the right. The time loss was probably around 5-10 sec.

OK routes to 3-9.

To #10 I could not see if the first entryway had an underpass to the control area, so I looked inside before going on with my planned route.

Except for some more hesitations when I had map reading problems, the rest of the controls were OK.
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WOC Tour 3 H65 (27/06/2022) WOC Tour 3 H65 (27/06/2022)