WOC Tour 2 H65 (26/06/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hylkedal
Distance: 5 km
Time: 45:51
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 178
Second race of the WOC Tour, this "Middle Distance" was longer than the "Shortened Long" yesterday, and in much heavier terrain!

I did not have a good run but won anyway, so all the rest must have had even more difficulties! Most importantly, my ankle was fine! :-)

As I started running I realized that there was no good direct route so I cut back and took the big path around, then a compass bearing through the "white forest" where I had to detour around some nettles. The flag should have been S of the green but was hidden further around the corner.

Very good to #2, I followed a bearing and realized just soon enough that the contours with the depression was downhill into the very dense forest.

I lost 2+ minutes on #3 when I again misread the contours to be in the opposite direction.

A very tough fight to get to #4, it might have been faster to go NW in the white forest to the road, going around the green stripes?

Controls 5-8 were on the back side of the map, printed in 1:4000 as if it was a sprint map, but with ISOM symbols. The path system was quite hard to follow but except for ~15 seconds into #8 these controls were OK.

I ran well to #9 and 10, then on #11 I cut across to the ride, then followed that to the junction and turned downhill. Unfortunately, this was a junction with an unmapped path so I ended up in a logged are which was extremely though to climb back out of. About 1:40 time loss.

At this point I was about 5 min behind yesterday's clear winner and overall favorite, Rolf Lund.

I planned to go straight underneath the highway bridge but the green stripes were man-high nettles so I had to drop down and climb all the way back up again, in very soft, sliding sand.

#12 and 13 were OK, then to #14 the initial light green seemed very runnable so I cut across but found too many unmapped rides and got really confused. I should have taken the big paths all the way around!
2 more minutes lost here.

OK to the final controls, but I had to walk most of the final climb past the last control! :-(

EDIT: From the winsplits times, I won 6 legs in total, and 3 of the last 4, including both the climb into the last control and the finish sprint so even Rolf Lund must have been tired by the heat.
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WOC Tour 2 H65 (26/06/2022) WOC Tour 2 H65 (26/06/2022)