OCC Nydalen (21/06/2022)
Category: Training
Distance: 3.43 km
Time: 21:33
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 169
I was injured when this race took place so I did it now instead as training for the upcoming WOC Tour races in Denmark.
OK to #1, 2, 3 & 4, but on the last of these I failed to immediately realize where the flag would have been located so I overran it, and at that point I just kept going around the building to #5. It would probably have been a little faster to go left instead of right.

I think my routes to the next controls, up to #13 , were all optimal.

On #14 I decided to go right since the control was at the bottom of those stairs, but it might have been marginally faster to go left anyway, even if it would have required a 180 degree turn on #13.

Halfway to #15 I hesitated when I nearly took the wrong road after the bridge!

I think turning around and going right on #16 might have been faster than what I did.

My final time of 21:33 was just two min behind Eivind Hoff's winning time from the event, so I'm reasonably happy with that. :-)
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OCC Nydalen (21/06/2022) OCC Nydalen (21/06/2022)