Værstesprint (18/06/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Fredrikstad Stadion
Distance: 4.14 km
Time: 26:23
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 164
FSK ran this training event two days ago, I got a copy of the map file and ran it without control markers, as training before the WOC Tour races that starts in a week.

Some problems:
a) Running over the hill to #2 might have been a mistake since the control was underneath the dark green thicket.
b) Nr 10 was really bad: I started going left, then discovered the barrier on the SW corrner of the stadium and ran all the way around. Obviously I could have returned past #7 and saved some time, but simply going up on the bridge the way I started and then returning down the stairs, by #24, would have been much better.
c) I did a parallel mistake after #15 and ran past #16, had to recover and backtrack.
d) From 17 to 18 I read the added barrier and went back towards the bridge, but the opening shown alongside the blocked-off area wasn't actually possible to follow: Since it was blocked off by a high construction fence I had to cross the crossed-out parking lot to get back on track.
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Værstesprint (18/06/2022) Værstesprint (18/06/2022)