FSK Kjøkøy training (04/06/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kjøkøy
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 4.31 km
Time: 47:22
Average HR: 135
Maximum HR: 159
FSK training from Thursday which I used two days later, without any control markers remaining. This caused me a few problems, but my only real target is to get my ankle back into (forest) runnable shape again, with daily strengthening exercises and weekly visits to my physiotherapist. (The MRI showed partial tears of 3 or 4 of the ankle ligaments, with the benefits of an operation probably less than the added problems of having to recover from that operation as well.)

OK to #1 & 2, I could see exactly where the flags must have been, but on #3 the hillside with the big reentrant wasn't very obvious re. marker placement, my gps track shows that I passed a little bit too low.

#4 & 5 were OK, but I dropped down towards #6 way too early and had to scramble along & over several cliffs that I should have avoided. "Running" speed was 27 min/km on this leg!

Returning to #3 for my 7th control was a lot easier than the first visit, this time I simply had to run up inside the entire length of the reentrant.

I had an MP on #8 when I passed the black v (a small rock quarry) about 70 m before the control, then just kept going in the same direction instead of using my compass: When I found a nice boulder in front of a small knoll I was sure I was in the right spot and ran on.

My route to #9 looks weird until I explain that there was a nice path all the way, hitting the little path snipped shown on the map at the point where I left the path and turned uphill into the control!

OK route and orienteering to #10, but I did mis-step once and was afraid that I had re-damaged my ankle ligaments.

OK across to #11, then I decided to skip most of the rest, just grabbed #15 (where I hesitated a bit inside the circle because the cliff was both smaller and lower than the normal mapping limit in this terrain.
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FSK Kjøkøy training (04/06/2022) FSK Kjøkøy training (04/06/2022)