KM Sprint (24/05/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veritas
Distance: 2.82 km
Time: 21:29
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 182
Still not recovered from the ankle injury, but today's event in the Veritas park was just too tempting so I did a test run (i.e. jog/walking when the ground wasn't completely open) of my course an hour before the regular start.
Having so much time to read the map, plus knowing the area from previous events meant that I had zero control misses, the only possible mistake was my route to #4: The splits from H21 show the left and right route to be identical, but with my bad ankle I might have been able to jog more on the path route. The kids in H15-16 had the same course and the winner ran it in 12 minutes!
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KM Sprint (24/05/2022) KM Sprint (24/05/2022)