Kjentmannspost 27 (19/05/2022)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hakkloa/Nordmarka
Distance: 5.69 km
Time: 175:10
Average HR: 101
Maximum HR: 162
11 friends met up for this bike/hike to fixed control #27. We rode our MTBs about 11.5 km, almost all uphill, to Sandstrømmen where we had a wonderful break by the lake (as usual the break lasted about 40 min). Next we too the "path less travelled" along the river canyon, over/under about 100 windfall logs before making it onto the mapped path which we could follow up to the control with just a few exiting moments balancing across the old stone walls that helped the timer float in the right direction in the old days when this was the only way to transport it.
After checking out the dam (currently 2m below max) we climbed straight up the hillside to the east and traversed Hakklomåna on our way back via Fortjernsbåten, an old homestead.
Total time 4:15, 27 km of which about 5 was on the hike itself.
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Kjentmannspost 27 (19/05/2022) Kjentmannspost 27 (19/05/2022)