Lørdagskjappen (23/04/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mossemarka-Skihytta
Organiser: Moss OK
Distance: 4.51 km
Time: 39:28
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 175
My ankle is still bad, since it hasn't recovered in 2 months I have an MRI scheduled for the coming week, hope the doctors can figure out exactly what's wrong and if I need an operation to try to fix it!
I had taped up very heavily so my left leg was mostly along for the ride, with zero push-off energy available but I ran OK to the first control (3rd place, only 10 sec behind the clear leader this season, Sixten Westlund).
I think I had an OK route to #2 as well, ran far enough north so I could see a glimmer from the felleed area further north and then turned slightly right, passed the creeke/ditch and found the endge of the open yellow. When I did not spot the control cliff at once I first looked right to the SE onw before turning back. This cost me about 20 sec?
OK to #3, just one second behind Sixten on this split. Here I caught up to Rune Laurantsen by 3 min but realized at once that my running speed was too low to just run away from him as I have used to do in previous years. Instead I did a really stupid parallel mistake where I though I was at the second stream bend when I hit the first one, and therefore started searching too early, dropping further and further down whhile trying to recover.
I ended up spending nearly 4 minutes on this error! At this point I was in 21st place.
Good route and flow to #5 (2 places), then I took the best route to #6 and gained back 8 places.
Another good route to #7, then I won the split to #8 and was back in 8th place.
OK to #9 & #10, then halfway to #11 I landed wrong on my left foot and this hurt so bad that I hobbled the rest of the race.
Adding insult to injury I also managed to stop orienteering at the edge of the control circle on #14: Instead of just keeping to the course I had until I had crossed the ditch, I turned right to check the code on the flag I spotted there, losing another half a minute for no good reason. When I turned back to my own control Sigurd Dæhli who had started 5 min after me passed, I had absolutely no chance to catch up to him up to the final control and the finish line at the top of the hill.
Without the brain fart on #4 I should have been in fourth place. Beating Sigurd in the 3rd spot would have required a perfect run and both Sixten and my club mate Sören Jonsson in 2nd place were totally out of reach.

In the end I was #6 which was a very flattering position
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Lørdagskjappen (23/04/2022) Lørdagskjappen (23/04/2022)