Blåveissprinten (02/04/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rekustad
Organiser: Fredrikstad SK
Distance: 3.5 km
Time: 28:28
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 181

First competition since I smashed my ankle while climbing 5 weeks ago, the injury still hurts but with heavy taping I managed to finish without too much pain.

I hesitated bit up to #1, my orienteering was quite rusty and due to the ankle problem I could not read the map while running as I usually do, I needed to see exactly where I placed my left foot.

OK to #2 except for a 5-10 m swing right into the flag.

Very good flow to #3, this was the only split that I won today, and at this point I was leading the race.

Nice route and execution to #4 but I lost half a minute in pure running speed.

OK to #5.

I suffered from a a nervous stomach at this point, so in the middle of the green halfway down the hillside I had to fix the issue. This took me 40 sec.

OK to #7

Really stupid route choice to #8, I knew that I should go up to the big path and get a perfect attack point into the green, but instead I stayed down in the hillside and hoped the green would be OK. I believe I lost 20-30 sec here.

Very easy to #9, good flow. This was my second-best split.

Quite easy to #10 as well, the hilltop was obvious even though the boulder was hidden behind the green copse.

My only real miss was on #11 where I ran the path across but wondered if it was the one that was mapped, so when I came down over the top and hit the main path I ran left for about 10m but could not see either the flag or a cliff so I turned round. When I returned after realizing my mistake I saw it just one meter past the point where I previously turned around. Lost half a minute here.
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Blåveissprinten (02/04/2022) Blåveissprinten (02/04/2022)