Drengsrud natt 2 (30/01/2022)
Category: Training
Distance: 5.39 km
Time: 50:29
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 173
Second week of the night-O series from Drengsrud, I ran the long way around to the first control, lost contact with the path system near the end. OK to #2, didn't see the path junction halfway to #3 so I just kept on until the sharp bend which I used last week as well.

Long, safe route to #4, maximum path to #5 and the same to #6, but to #7 I decided to take a chance on the direct route and got stuck in very deep crusty snow north of the little lake, then I misread the map and followed the wrong long reentrant. I understood that I was in the wrong place but not exactly where so I just kept going to the path. The control was located too close to the path as well, so the easy route around was probably quite a bit faster.

My friend Richard beat me by 2 seconds, he had started his race with a very sneaky route to #1: Directly over the lake,via the pair of small islands, running on the ice!
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Drengsrud natt 2 (30/01/2022) Drengsrud natt 2 (30/01/2022)