Morgenfrisk (16/01/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Follo/Ski
Distance: 4.57 km
Time: 36:15
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 172
Very nice comeback from my disastrous night-O run on Wednesday: This was daytime, sunny, about 5C and variable snow cover but mostly very nice in the green areas. All the paths were covered with rock hard ice, so I should have had a better pair of metal studded shoes.

Very good compass direction to #1, managed to just avoid the half-open yellow which would have had a lot more snow. Good contour running to #2, then I stayed on the green side towards #3, effectively zero snow there.

Contours led me into #4, compass until I hit the top of the knoll before #5, then I just had to turn a bit to the right.

I aimed for the field/green interface to #6, except for the small patch of green stripes where I should have been on the field side, but otherwise good and I hit the control perfectly.

I had intended to go up to the path to #7 but there was a thin snow trail along the hillside so I started along this and got very good flow into the flag.

To #8 I had looked for alternatives but decided that I had to run around to the left on the paths. This did seem like a good choice but my friend Sture Ottesen who ran the long course which had the same leg, was a minute faster going straight through the green!

Very easy last control, then I had to concentrate a bit more to find the finish flag.

Conclusion: Zero control mistakes, one sub-optimal route choice.
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Morgenfrisk (16/01/2022) Morgenfrisk (16/01/2022)