Veritas Natt (01/12/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann Øst/Koll-hytta
Distance: 5.23 km
Time: 51:59
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 169

More or less OK until #7 but then a stomach bug hit me so that I had to find a couple of dense thickets to unload before I could move on, but I immediately missed half minute into #9 and then a couple of minutes on #10 where a friend of mine overtook me. WE ran the rest together, most of the time with me in the front. Another minute or two was lost at #14, so the same area as #10, and when we did find the control it was probably/possibly a small mapping mistake: It seem to be located about 20m further SSW than shown on the map.
Not very good but acceptable running to the final two controls and a sprint to the finish.
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Veritas Natt (01/12/2021) Veritas Natt (01/12/2021)