OSI/Geoform (27/11/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sørkedalen Skole/Pipenhus
Distance: 4.56 km
Time: 43:43
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 172

"Close but no cigar". This was an OK orienteering race until close to the end: I had been told before starting that #2 was missing, when I came up there it was pretty obvious where it should have been but I did check the next knoll/hill as well, while telling the large group of orienteers searching in the area that "the control is missing, just go on!"

I had near-optimal routes to the first 4 controls, to #5 I should have stayed left instead of right, that would have saved 20-30 sec.

#6 was optimal, and also #7, but to #9 I didn't read the control description and thought the control was underneath the cliff instead of on top of the knoll. 45 sec?

I lost a little bit of time inside the circle on #9 which was located on a nothing-knoll maybe 10m further away from the power line than shown on the map.

I made the same mistake to the next control as a bunch of other runners, i.e. on our race maps the course overprint was much less clear than here on the Livelox copy, so we all read the power line as the connecting line between 9 & 11.

I started my sprint finish on #11 because I had another runner close behind and won the last two splits, but at this point I was of course already DSQ.
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OSI/Geoform (27/11/2021) OSI/Geoform (27/11/2021)