Veritas Night-O (24/11/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fornebu-Snarøyodden
Distance: 4.65 km
Time: 28:04
Average HR: 104
Maximum HR: 141

Fun night-O race in a very easy area. My only time loss happened when I decided to take a shortcut through dense green from #6 to #7, and got totally stuck in the prickly bushes. I had to lay down and crawl out of the area! I lost 1:17 to the best split here, which happened to also be exactly how much I was behind the course winner.

On our race maps there were more openings in the impassable fence between #7 & #8, i.e. my route choice was totally legal!
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Veritas Night-O (24/11/2021) Veritas Night-O (24/11/2021)