Geoform (20/11/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skansebakken
Distance: 4.95 km
Time: 42:24
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 185

Very nice race even if I got a bit cold in the near-freezing marshes:

Easy start to #1, then I lost the path through the wet marsh which was blocked by quite a lot of windfall but hit #2 OK.

Very fast to #3, possibly a leg win?

Ran exactly as planned to #4 & #5, but it turned out to be faster to run past the farm on the right-hand side even though there is no marked path on that side.

My worst time loss was to #6 where it turned out to be about a minute faster to go straight, partly because the path was blocked by windfall near the end of the leg. I am guessing half a minute for that last part compared to the plan which was to follow the path almost to the control.

OK to #7, good direction running down the hillside.

Perfect bearings to the two last controls. :-)
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Geoform (20/11/2021) Geoform (20/11/2021)