Veritas Night-O series (20/10/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hvalstrand
Distance: 4.11 km
Time: 36:01
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 173
Early this morning we got some very good family news! About 12 hours later when I ran this race my mind was obviously still filled with the grandson and not the actual orienteering course, so I did my worst forest sprint race ever:

OK to the first three, then I first started to orienteer towards #15, made it almost down to the grass before I realized it, then I had to go down all the way to use the house as an attack point to find it. This was a heavy climb back up since the control was located above the cliff.

Adding insult to injury I then ran towards #12 by first dropping down again (did not spot the lower path), then I climbed up once more before I finally understood my error in the big path junction just west of the cliff. However, going back east towards the control I followed the path between #3/#10 and #14 and once at the top had to correct once more. I lost 2.5 minutes to my sister here!

OK from here via 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (best splits among those currently shown on Livelox), then I returned to my #4/#11 nemesis and missed it again, by at least 1.5 min.

The next significant time loss was #15 where it turned out that the path I had been on three times so far was not the one on the map, so when I came down to the grass and didn't see the trees, I ran the wrong way and lost another 40+ seconds.

Still, a very wonderful day. :-)
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Veritas Night-O series (20/10/2021) Veritas Night-O series (20/10/2021)