Blodslitet H60 (16/10/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Borredalen
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 12.89 km
Time: 98:53
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 183

Much better than I feared after being out of shape for the entire season, I was allowed to lead the mass start halfway to the first control, but then I didn't have enough confidence to cut across past #22 as planned when the fastest guys ran by me. The entire field lost 30-45 s here.

I was still in the lead group to the start of the butterfly on #2, but then nearly all the leaders had the opposite wing first, so I did not see any of the top 10 runners until the finish line.

I left the path too soon into #3, lost 30+ s looking at multiple boulders in the dense green, then another 15 s from the bad direction out of the control. The rest of the butterfly forking was OK. It looks like I was 2+ minutes behind the leaders when we left the central control for the last time.

At this point there were 4-5 guys around me, with Stein Martinsen in the lead running north towards #11, but when he kept following the path I cut across using the passage I had already used from 8 to 9. In the end I was about 5 s behind him into the flag, so the route didn't matter.

My worst mistake was crossing the marsh to #14, this was covered with both dense vegetation and deep water channels: I got so cold here that I could not feel my toes for the rest of the race and my heels started to hurt, particularly when running on hard surfaces like the road to #20 or the finish. I would probably have saved at least a minute if I had run around the marsh and stayed dry!

In the end none of this mattered for my final placement: Øyvind Thon lead the first group of 5 that finished in 90 min, then my brother Knut did the same for the second group in 93 min (he had been in the lead but missed #18), which also had 5 runners. I managed to get a gap to those around me while crossing back to #22 so that I got the 11th place while using 98 min which was exactly in the middle of the 90-106 range I had estimated before we started.
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Blodslitet H60 (16/10/2021) Blodslitet H60 (16/10/2021)