Harry Lagert 2 (29/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lathusåsen/Fossum
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 4.09 km
Time: 40:16
Average HR: 114
Maximum HR: 140

OK run in pretty horrible night-O terrain: Almost everything outside the main ski tracks were more or less unrunnable bush and/or scree, but I mostly avoided any major mistakes:

Lost some time into #3 (hit too far right but stopped and turned left), to #7 when I ran too far down in the hillside, as well as losing time when leaving #13 via the path uphill, but otherwise it went about as well as I could hope for in an event like this with wet moss-covered rocks everywhere, along with lots of really dense vegetation and windfall.
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Harry Lagert 2 (29/09/2021) Harry Lagert 2 (29/09/2021)