Harry Lagert 1 (22/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hønefoten
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 3.81 km
Time: 31:30
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 171

My best Harry Lagert result in several years, probably due to how our course did almost all the climb up to the start:

Compass bearing to #1, aimed uphill a bit while crossing the logged area, then when I hit the path inside the forest I knew pretty accurately where I was and hit the partly hidden (by a spruce) boulder very nicely.

#2 was my best leg even if I had to walk part of the hillside halfway there, I found the perfect route and executed it well.

Down the scree slope to #3, then a safe route to #4.

#5 is probably a small mapping error, i.e. the control cliff is located closer to the north side of the circle so I had to cut back when I passed above the flag. Due to this I also hesitated a bit down to the path to #6 because the distance was wrong.

My only significant time loss happened because I didn't read the control description properly: #6 was located above the cliff! This cost me about 80 seconds, which was the difference between my fourth place finish and ending up in second place.

OK to #7, slight hesitation when I lost the path into #8, then I should probably have gone underneath the cliffs to #9.

My final time loss was on the way to the last control where the course print obscured the path system.
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Harry Lagert 1 (22/09/2021) Harry Lagert 1 (22/09/2021)