Skumringskampen 2 (20/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Røyken
Distance: 4.54 km
Time: 40:21
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 177

I wanted to avoid the light green in the hillside so I followed the path almost ot the bottom before turning up to the control. Some hesitation but I hit it nicely.

Compass bearing up the hillside to #2, dropped 15-20 s checking the contour details halfway instead of just following that bearing.

Touched the path to #3. This wasn't really needed but made the control dead easy.

My route to #4 was perfect even if my running shape is so bad that I had to walk several places up along the big path. While contouring into the control I found a flag halfway, realized that it had to be located on the dot knoll and used that to climb up one more contour along the hillside.

Good speed and execution on the next short legs (#5, 6 & 7), then I played it safe to #8 by taking the paths over the hill and around to the back side of the control where I had to cross some really dense planted spruce. (I.e. probably greener than shown on the map which is a few years old.)

To #9 I first had a technical issue in the green indistinct marsh, but I ran along a bearing while intending to slightly to the left of it so that I would be caught by the steep hillside & cliffs if I ran too far, but in reality I dumped directly into the flag without even noticing the cliff just before the circle, even though I must have been really close to it.

Perfect route to #10, when I spotted the boulder just before the indistinct path I knew that I was exactly where I intended.

I started to relax a bit mentally to #11 and stopped to early when I saw a reflex marker to my left, lost maybe 30 s.

Similar issue to #12: When the path went steeply downhill I thought it was an unmapped MTB trail and bailed out right. Recovered quickly but lost 30-45 s.

My final mistake was to the last control where I should have realized that since all the other light green areas had been quite dense, I should have gone above the cliffs instead of passing underneath them where I ended up having to climb over lots of windfall and push my way between planted spruce. This is where I lost the race to Eivind Hoff when I dropped another 45 s due to this route.
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Skumringskampen 2 (20/09/2021) Skumringskampen 2 (20/09/2021)