Skumringskampen 1 (13/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Borgen
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 4.07 km
Time: 37:06
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 181
Fun race to start the Night-O season, OK course and map except for control #5 which was badly misplaced, partly due to mapping errors.

OK to #1, then to #2 I never could make head or tails of the path system until I ended up on an unmapped path in the hillside: At that point I realized from the steepness of the hill where I had to be and just climbed up to the big marsh, found the streams and then a bearing over the marsh, around the cliffs and into the control. Lost a minute here.

I ran well to #3 & #4, but my route to #5 was bad:
I should have contoured NE to the big marsh, then used the path at the north end of that as my attack point, but this didn't matter in the end since the control was badly misplaced! When I crossed the final ridge and descended a couple of contours, the visibility along the hillside was so good that I was sure I would see the flag & reflex marker but I didn't (because it was misplaced by about 70 m), so I searched along the hillside in both directions for nearly 5 minutes. When I visited the exact location shown on the map for the dot knoll, there was really nothing worth mapping there, but the same could be said for the spot where the flag was hung, i.e. no real knoll feature but maybe a spur or terrasse?

I had significant problems from #5 to #6 as well due to starting in the wrong spot: When I crossed the marsh very close to the pond I thought my compass bearing must have been wrong and stopped trusting it. I ended up too far to the right but was stopped by the path. I am guessing 30-45 sec time loss here.

From this point I ran as hard as I could, I could hear that I had someone following me and tried to outrun them, but Christian Grotnes eventually caught up and passed me going into #9.
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Skumringskampen 1 (13/09/2021) Skumringskampen 1 (13/09/2021)