KM Stafett H150 (29/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nordby
Organiser: Ås
Distance: 5.59 km
Time: 51:59
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 185
Nydalens have enough Masters Man to field 10+ teams in this H150 class (average age 50), but we only had a single team entered for the county championship today. I ran the second leg, at which point the teams had spread out so far that I saw far less people than on a normal individual event.

I immediately lost the path I had intended to take west from the starting triangle, this would turn out to be symptomatic for the entire race, but I found a good route and executed it well.

The leg to #2 started with a first runnable third, then the the steep green/green-striped valley is just a maze of huge windfalls and slippery mud, but the main issue was that I had lost my intended trail system and had to go on a bearing (climbing quite a bit extra while doing so) until I recovered when I hit the east-west path and used that to locate the green valley with cliffs on the left side. This gave me a good attack point. I probably lost about a minute here compared to finding the indistinct paths which I know other runners managed to follow.

OK to #3, possibly the nicest leg of my course.

I had the east-most of the forked controls on #4, as I passed my old friend the path I saw a very substantial cliff to my right and decided that it had to be the one to the right of my line (the one underneath the line was partially hidden on my race map), this caused me to leave my perfect bearing and it took me at least 1.5 min to recover down in the partly impassable (due to those windfalls) hillside. I did not see the middle forking control while doing so.

With my starting point I didn't really have any alternatives to #5, I just had to crawl & climb up and around the cliffs until I got to the path system. I lost my path once again in the same area as towards #2, but recovered quickly from this. While approaching the control I suddenly spied a flag on a steep rocky nose, this had to be mine! It was however located on the elongated knoll just west of the circle, while my control was in fact located quite a bit up along the next knoll which in reality started further south. 30-45 sec lost here.

Another 45+ seconds lost in the green searching for #6.

#7 was the arena passage, at this point Martin Granly came in from the side and started to follow me down to #8 where I had full control on the open knol just in front but still started to search too far north. About 40 sec.

10 sec on #9 where I didn't spot the cliff from above.

OK to #11 until the very end where I again failed to spot the flag and searched south first before turning around. 40 sec.

OK to #11 & 12.

Total time loss was about 5 min but as the oldest guy on my team (64 vs 56 & 49) I'm happy that I was still the fastest.
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KM Stafett H150 (29/08/2021) KM Stafett H150 (29/08/2021)