KM Lang Lahaugmoen (28/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gjelleråsen
Organiser: Østmarka
Distance: 7.17 km
Time: 56:42
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 178
Too tired today, pretty much collapsed after #8:
Won the split to #1, took the safe route to #2 but failed to follow a proper bearing into the denser forest and lost half a minute.

Another bearing problem to #3, another 20-30 sec.

At this point I managed to reboot and start a good period with good routes and execution, won every split to #8 where I lead the race by a minute (after being a minute behind on #3).

I had been running for 45 minutes at this point, this is my normal race time and I really noticed it, I started to fall a lot, with a couple of tumbles down to #9 where I should have gone straight past the cabins but instead took a flatter route but without properly correcting my course into the control. Lost a minute & almost all of my lead.

Down to #10 I took a horrible route in the beginning (did not read the map!) and lost half a minute to Bjørnar who won today.

Ran well to #11 but stopped when I was in the center of the circle without seeing the control boulder: It was just 5m directly in front of me, hiding underneath a spruce, and with the flag on the other side: Another 20 sec lost.

Next I stopped too soon on #12, another 20+ sec, before I finished by running too low in the hillside into the logged area and missed the last control as well.

5 mistakes on the last 5 controls is pretty bad. :-(
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KM Lang Lahaugmoen (28/08/2021) KM Lang Lahaugmoen (28/08/2021)