OBIK P13 (19/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lysåsen
Distance: 3.56 km
Time: 33:02
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 175
3rd competition in 3 days, this time on a (for me) virgin map - Lysåsen.

The course planner had realized that this terrain is almost impassable east-west, so most of the course went along the hill, on paths with excursion to pick the controls.

I won the first 5 splits, then to #6 I got stuck between unmapped cliffs and lost 25 sec to Rune Teigland.

I also missed 10+ seconds on #7 when I checked another unmapped cliff before turning around and spotting the flag.

#8 was the real issue though: The boulder is very misdrawn, in reality it is located very near the west side of the control circle and at more than a full contour lower elevation than mapped. I lost at least 3.5 minutes here but a few others lost even more, like Rune who dropped 6:38.

The remaining controls were OK even though my old friend Knut Anders Løken beat me by 27 sec to #9: He tends to mostly jog around and then run one or two split times at maximum effort, which I guess is what he did herel.
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Løken: Not this time, I misses 30 seconds on about every other control.

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OBIK P13 (19/08/2021) OBIK P13 (19/08/2021)