Geoformers (18/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Frognerseteren
Distance: 5.67 km
Time: 49:55
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 184

Almost perfect orienteering, running every day now to try to get back in shape. The race took place on an 1:5000 enlargement which gave me some pause in the beginning since everything was much steeper than on a normal 1:5000 sprint map with 2m contours!

Hesitated 10-15 seconds down to #1 when the descent seemed so huge.

Lost a few more seconds to #2 by aiming slightly uphill instead of flat/downhill.

OK route to the very easy #3, also OK to #4 except that the path system in the last junction with the narrow marsh pointing north gave me a bit of pause: Logging in this region have changed which paths are visible.

I considered going straight up the hill halfway to #5 but realized that I would be able to run all the way on the main ski track and the path. This was the choice of all the fastest leg times.

Very obvious route to #6, with some sligtht variations possible. I lose too much time on the up and downhill sections.

#7 was the real route choice leg! I met several people walking uphill on the road I ran down between 4 & 5 and considered this to be the obvious route, but as I realized how steep the last hillside down to #6 was, I reconsidered and took the ride/path route to the south. I think this was right for me, from livelox I can see that those with similar running speed to me who went straight mostly lost a little time but the difference wasn't huge. My route did allow me to run almost 100% of the leg, I only walked for about 10-15 s in the steepest part up to the main ski track.

OK to #8 & the last control, #9 was my only leg split win.
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Geoformers (18/08/2021) Geoformers (18/08/2021)