OBIK P12 (17/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ekerud syd
Organiser: Østmarka
Distance: 3.97 km
Time: 38:29
Average HR: 133
Maximum HR: 159
I'm starting an intensive period now in the hope of getting in better shape by the beginning of September when we have the national masters champs, today was not a very good start:

I tried to push directly to #1, but had to walk quite a bit, then to #2 I left tha path too early, stopped before the last valley and dropped maybe 20 sec.

OK route and execution to #3, once again I had to walk the steep uphill.

Slow but accurate to the next controls (4-10), but at this point I was really getting tired. I did not read the map properly when I left the path to #11, ran in the light green underneath the contour and thought I was just under the white spur leading to the control. I lost about 1:45 here.

OK to #12 & #13, then I intentionally took the direct line to the last control even though I knew that the boring path route was almost certainly at least as fast.
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OBIK P12 (17/08/2021) OBIK P12 (17/08/2021)