Ukens løype 32 (09/08/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Østsidenmarka
Organiser: FSK - Gaute
Distance: 4.72 km
Time: 37:50
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 175
Gaute had created a very nice course here, avoiding nearly all the logging which have happened since the map was new, Thank You Gaute!

Easy start to #1, just maintain the initial course from the big track.

The light green in the valley to #2 was just like the area I had spotted from the road while jogging to the start, i.e. classic Norwegian mapping error where old planted spruce have turned into some of the most runnable anywhere on the map.

OK to #3, the valley area almost up to the control was logged so just a matter of picking the best micro routes through the small trees and branches left behind on the ground.

Nice orienteering to #4, used the contour direction to determine that I was a bit too far left and corrected directly into the control.

I climbed up the only visible route between the cliffs to #5, then I had to traverse north along the ridge line, finding the white streamer exactly where I expected it.

I did consider going straight to #6 but the big ski track had to be much faster.

#7 could have been OK almost straight but logging towards the road made the route there too tempting.

# I made a 45 sec mistake on #8 when I spotted a rock pit where I made a left turn towards the green on the map, then I stopped shortly after when there was a big path above the control, but I decided that I had to check further down and found it.

I assumed it would be fastest to turn left (due south) and run the big path to the yellow+green stripes but decided that it would be more interesting to orienteer along the hilltop. I spotted the cliff with boulder just as I turned down the hillside and that made the control easy.

#10 was just a case of finding the big path juntion, then getting back on the path system I had already used from #1 to #2, the marker was just 10-15m from the path.

More MTB path running to #11, until the end when the path started to veer left down the hill and I just aimes slightly right and hit the marker perfectly.

I needed a good compass bearing to get through the very dense middle green (almost dark green?) but that allowed me to hit the last control perfectly.

I took the ride to the finish, could have gone straight as well but I already knew that the forest around the ride was very runnable indeed.
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Ukens løype 32 (09/08/2021) Ukens løype 32 (09/08/2021)