Ukens løype 31 (03/08/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veum
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 3.94 km
Time: 36:11
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 169
Small but very nice area which the course planner had used extremely well. I lost map contact completely on my way to #2, mistaking the south-north path for the east-west one before the control, but after I realized this (when I hit the big path junction) I ran the rest pretty cleanly.

The main problem was the extremely lush blueberry & heather cover this year, I got stuck every time I had to run through "white forest", and my speed was very bad.

Towards #10 there was a really big unmapped path leading south, probably connecting to the short "indistinct path" going north from the farm house. This made me hesitate a bit but when both my compass and all the contour details said that I was in the right place I just ran on.
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Ukens løype 31 (03/08/2021) Ukens løype 31 (03/08/2021)