Skjærgårdscup 1 (24/07/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Røsholmen
Organiser: Landmark/Tandrevold/Jacobsen
Distance: 4.37 km
Time: 37:09
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 174

This was the first race of the 10th year of the traditional BBQ-Party/O-race series, mostly pretty good navigation all the way to the last control, which was in the same area as I made a mistake on the first control last year: This time I hit the control cliff on the right side, looked around the edge and did not see a flag so I ran on. I came back from the opposite side 2:35 later and saw that the flag was pressed into and behind a small bulge so that it was harder to see from the north. If I had taken the time to orienteer properly, I would not have turned away, so this mistake is all on me.
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Skjærgårdscup 1 (24/07/2021) Skjærgårdscup 1 (24/07/2021)