Nylende (17/07/2021)
Category: Training
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 5.16 km
Time: 40:44
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 178
Ran an old training course, no markers in the forest. I orienteered pretty well, but still suffered a MP on #6 when I mistook the saddle 30m north of the control as the reentrant.

The forest undergrowth is extremely lush this year due to a combination of hot & humid weather with regular rain showers during the spring and early summer, plus the terrain has been partly demolished by extensive loggin operations. :-(

The logging started halfway to #2, just before I hit the main path, so at that point it was obvious that I had to use those paths as much as possible. The forest from #2 to #4 was still very nice though, and the hill before #5 likewise.

Once more over the main logging area to #6 where I mispunched, then a nice stretch to #7.

I ran all the way around to #8 due to new logging, and then the entire valley leading to the last control was clear cut, with the control knoll just 20m into the remaining forest.

Anyway, due to good course planning I got to experience all the remaining nice parts in this terrain. Thanks!
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Nylende (17/07/2021) Nylende (17/07/2021)